WhatsApp could steal this handy Telegram feature

A feature that Telegram has had for a few years now

Despite its popularity and massive user base, WhatsApp is not as feature-packed as its competition. However, Meta has changed this to a certain extent, with the messaging service gaining several enhancements over the last year. Plus, WhatsApp nailed the basics of communication early on, which has helped ensure it remains popular despite several missing essential features. WhatsApp is now working on addressing one such limitation and ensuring your conversations don’t deviate from the topic: the inability to pin a message in a conversation.

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WABetaInfo has spotted the Meta-owned messaging platform working on the ability to pin messages in WhatsApp Business beta for Android. The screenshot makes it clear that if you are in a chat with a pinned message, you will have to upgrade to the latest WhatsApp release to see (and use) pinned messages.

Update WhatsApp to view pinned messages prompt

Pinning messages in WhatsApp can come in handy for group conversations. It will also help to keep the focus on an important subject in a chat, which would otherwise be drowned out by newer messages.

Pinning messages is not a new feature, with Telegram having it for a few years now. You can even pin multiple messages in Telegram if you wish to. However, the option is not available in Signal — it only lets you pin important chats at the top of the conversation list. Going by Telegram’s implementation, anyone in a group chat should be able to pin a message. This is not the only enhancement that WhatsApp could soon address in the future, though. It is also testing the sharing high-resolution photos in the quality they were meant to.

For now, WhatsApp is still working on the ability to pin messages in chats and group conversations. There’s no clear timeline on when the feature will roll out to the public, though it should first appear on the beta channel.

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