The 6 best Google Pixel Watch features you need to try on day 1

Even though Wear OS has been around in varying forms since March 2014, there has never been a Google-made wearable using the operating system. That has now changed with the release of the highly anticipated Google Pixel Watch. The Google Pixel Watch is one of the best Android smartwatches on the market and has several compelling features for any Android user. Here are the best features to take advantage of on your new Pixel Watch.

1. The Pixel Watch puts Google Assistant on your wrist

Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistants available. With the Google Pixel Watch, Google Assistant is with you everywhere, right on your wrist. Google Assistant is helpful on your speakers at home or on your phone, but having it on your wrist is convenient. You don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket or go somewhere where your speaker will hear you anymore. You only need to lift your wrist, activate the assistant, and start talking.

Google Assistant helps you with everyday tasks. Whether you want it to answer a question, send a text message, or turn on a smart light, it can do that. Having the capable Google Assistant on your wrist lets you keep your phone in your pocket more often and still accomplish much of what you need.

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2. No need to pull your wallet since the Google Pixel Watch has tap-to-pay

Many payments these days are made without a physical credit card or cash. Since people have phones on them most of the time, tap-to-pay has become commonplace. The Google Pixel Watch lets you tap to pay without the need for your phone. Just set up Google Wallet, and then tap your watch to make a payment. No more running back to your car if you forgot your phone or wallet; just use your smartwatch.

3. Only Google’s smartwatch can boast deep Fitbit integration

After its acquisition of Fitbit in January 2021, Google integrated Fitbit services into its first wearable. Having Fitbit as an integral part of the Pixel Watch means fitness and well-being data is available to you at all times. The heart rate sensor and machine learning-based algorithm make for accurate heart rate readings. These readings inform of a number of other metrics such as active zone minutes, sleep tracking, and workout tracking.

The Pixel Watch includes an ECG app so that you can check your heartbeat for AFib whenever you want. The Sleep Tracking features allow you to see a sleep score every morning letting you know how well you slept. There is also a breakdown of the stages of your sleep with information about long-term sleep trends. When you’re working out, there are more than 40 preset workouts to choose from. Every day when you wake up, you get a readiness score to let you know how much your body can take.

Fitbit’s integration adds a lot of great features for everyone to help make sure you’re ready to live your best life.

4. The Pixel Watch ships Wear 3.5 with Google’s unique take on the OS

Wear OS 3.0 was a huge leap for Wear OS that has only been available on Samsung and luxury watches to this point. With the release of the Pixel Watch, there’s another watch to experience Wear OS on, with a little Google-specific magic in the 3.5 update. The new Wear OS experience gets you the information you want quickly and fluidly. It uses a tile-based interface that lets you swipe through each tile to find what you’re looking for. Tapping a tile brings you to the app to give you more information.

Notifications and quick settings are also just a swipe away. Swipe up to see all notifications and lift your wrist when you feel a buzz to see the associated notification. For settings, swipe down to see the settings shade, similar to quick settings on an Android phone. There are a number of buttons that quickly turn on a special mode or go into a settings menu.

5. Directions with Google Maps are on your wrist

Getting directions is important, but holding your phone in front of you to see where you’re going is tedious and distracting. The Google Pixel Watch can give you directions right from your wrist. Whether you’re biking, driving, or walking, you can see turn-by-turn directions on your watch without taking out your phone. You can initiate directions from the app or by using Google Assistant. You can also scroll around the map to see what’s near you.

6. No need to look for your phone since you can access smart home controls from your Pixel Watch

Google is creating a large smart home ecosystem. They have thermostats, cameras, doorbells, and more that can all be controlled with the Google Home app or Google Assistant. Their smart home ecosystem is also compatible with a number of third-party products such as smart bulbs and smart locks. The Google Pixel Watch lets you control all of these devices right on your wrist.

Whether you want to dim a smart light or change your thermostat’s temperature, the Google Pixel Watch makes it easy. Either use Google Assistant or the onboard Google Home app and tiles to quickly control your smart home. The watch negates the need for a smart speaker or your phone, just use what’s already on your wrist.

All you need with the flick of your wrist

After years of rumors, the Google Pixel Watch is finally available. The Pixel Watch lets you do many essential actions without taking your phone out of your pocket or talking to a smart speaker. We are already giving Google’s wearable a workout, but you can read our initial Pixel Watch impressions.

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch in Hazel

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We’ve been waiting for Google to make a watch for the better part of a decade, and the Google Pixel Watch has finally arrived. The first Android smartwatch with Fitbit health tracking, the Pixel Watch aims to help you stay fit or get fit easily while Wear OS 3.5 brings us Google’s vision for a wearable UI and exclusive Wear OS apps for Google services like Google Home.

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