Google rushes out Android 13 Beta 3.2 with some real bug fixes this time


It’s hot on the heels of last Friday’s Beta 3.1 release Android 13’s development cycle is starting to wind down — we’re long done with Developer Previews at this point, and have recently been checking out some increasingly stable Betas. By now, Google should be fine-tuning things for the software’s ultimate release, but that doesn’t …

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One of my favorite games of all time is coming to Netflix

image1 (2)

Cardboard Computer’s Kentucky Route Zero is coming to Netflix later this year, plus a bunch of other games If you haven’t had the joy of playing it just yet, a game that’s coming to Netflix might be reason enough to keep your subscription a little longer. Later this year, a mobile version of the point-and-click …

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Apple is following Google’s lead on cleaning up iMessage reaction texts

Pixel 5a vs iPhone SE hero

iPhones in group chats with Android phones should stop seeing spammy Tapback messages in iOS 16 Earlier this year, Google rolled out a workaround for the way iPhones handle message reactions sent to Android phones: its Messages app now interprets the reactions as emojis rather than text, saving space on screen and making for an …

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