No one’s playing Netflix games

You’re paying for access to these games through your Netflix subscription, so you might as well check a few out

Source: Netflix

How many times have you gone on Netflix looking for one thing — or just didn’t have any idea what you wanted to watch — only for its algorithms to expertly steer you towards some other content you had no idea even existed (but ends up being just what you needed)? For as great as the service may be at helping us discover our next binge, it sounds like it’s having a much more difficult time convincing subscribers to try out its burgeoning library of games.

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According to analytics numbers Apptopia shared with CNBC, the couple-dozen Netflix games currently available have only been downloaded a little over 23 million times, with just 1.7 million gamers picking one up on any given day. That only represents something like 1% of the service’s user base, and while gaming isn’t for everybody, a figure that low suggests there’s more than just disinterest at fault here.

Part of this sounds like a discovery issue, with many Netflix subscribers yet to fully internalize that they’re now paying for and have access to a gaming library — whether they use it or not. There also may be a component of time investment, and while Netflix has recently added some utterly fantastic games like Into the Breach to its stable, the thought of getting past that initial learning curve may just push subscribes towards watching another episode of Floor is Lava.

To its credit, Netflix feels like it’s still committed to its gaming investment, and maybe it really does just need to build that library to a certain point, where its reputation alone keeps subscribers interested. A few major title “gets” along the way could really help out with that — although we’ve been saying the same thing about Stadia for years now, and look where that still is. What really remains to be seen now is if Netflix has the will and the capital to keep this project going.

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