Google Search on the desktop may soon integrate Lens

Helping you identify even the most curious images

Lens is one of Google’s most low-key versatile tools that we really don’t take enough advantage of, letting users do everything from identifying flowers in the wild to translating signs in unfamiliar languages. First consigned to mobile use, Google started integrating Lens with Chrome a couple of years ago. Now that push towards the PC continues, as we learn about Google testing Lens integration right in Search.

Users involved with the test will see the brightly-colored Lens icon in Google’s search bar, reports 9to5Google, appearing beside the voice-input microphone icon. Clicking there prompts users to upload an image, and they’ll see any relevant results on the right side of the screen. Just like on mobile, you can restrict that search to only selected portions of an image.

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If you can’t wait for this test to hit you, you can always use the existing Chrome integration with Lens, by just right-clicking on an image to bring up a context menu and click “Search image with Google Lens.” That will open whatever you’ve selected in a new page for more detailed analysis.

So far this test seems pretty limited, but if things work out we might just start seeing Lens popping up a whole lot more often.

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