Google rushes out Android 13 Beta 3.2 with some real bug fixes this time

It’s hot on the heels of last Friday’s Beta 3.1 release

Android 13’s development cycle is starting to wind down — we’re long done with Developer Previews at this point, and have recently been checking out some increasingly stable Betas. By now, Google should be fine-tuning things for the software’s ultimate release, but that doesn’t mean we don’t expect to get the occasional incremental update that tackles outstanding bugs — just like we did about a week ago when Beta 3.1 arrived to address the absent Android Beta Feedback app. Now we’re already getting another bug-fix release, as distribution begins for Android 13 Beta 3.2.

Unlike Beta 3.1, which weighed in at an anemic 6.3MB, today’s Beta 3.2 release is a much more robust 275MB. That’s reflected in the changelog attached to this build:

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  • Fixed an issue where the back gesture wasn’t working in some apps.
  • Fixed an issue where the At a glance settings page would collapse inconsistently when scrolling.
  • Fixed an issue where some apps would crash instantly on opening.
  • Fixed an issue where the microphone would turn on and off unexpectedly during unrelated use of the device.
  • Fixed an issue where the Google Photos app would crash frequently.

While the lack of an option to easily submit feedback was more of a Google-facing problem being addressed in Beta 3.1, these bugs are the sort that could be expected to have a pronounced negative effect on the actual end-user experience, so it’s great to see Google getting ahead of them now, rather than waiting for Beta 4.

Honestly, this feels like the Beta 3.1 release we probably would have gotten anyway, had Google not forgotten about the Android Beta Feedback app in the first place. Could the hours we spent waiting last Wednesday for Beta 3 downloads to become available reflect some last-minute Google scrambling to figure out how to address that absence? We may never know, but for now we’re just happy to be getting what sounds like a much more stable Android 13 build on our Pixel phones.

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