Get two Echo Show 5 Kids for the price of one with Amazon’s latest early Prime Day sale

Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids (3rd Gen)

BOGO with coupon SHOW5KIDS at checkout

$100 $200 Save $100

The Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids gives children an easy way to enjoy music, set their own alarms, and learn, all while their parents can ensure explicit lyrics are off limits and there’s a cap on the daily usage time. It comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, a curated subscription of family-friendly apps, music, and other content. The smart speaker retails for $100 and usually isn’t discounted because it’s the newest model on the shelves, but this buy-one-get-one coupon effectively cuts the price in half at checkout. 

Amazon has a huge catalog of smart displays you can pick from, but buying a device for yourself or another adult differs greatly from doing so for children. To make life simpler for you, and a tad bit more enjoyable for your child, Amazon offers Echo Dot Kids and Echo Show Kids models. They boast an impressive array of child-specific options along with all the requisite parental controls. If you have several kids or just want to indulge an only child, Amazon is offering a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal on the latest Echo Show 5 Kids. You just need to use the coupon code SHOW5KIDS at checkout to avail the offer.


Why you should buy the Echo Show 5 Kids

You can always go the hard route and set up an account with parental controls and restrictions so your children don’t stumble across undesirable content or order their own toys on their smart display, but the Echo Show 5 Kids has several other advantages you should consider. Each of your two speakers will come with one year of Amazon Kids+ bundled in for free, which includes ad-free music, videos, Audible books, and Alexa skills suitable for children aged between three and 12. If you like what’s offered, the subscription auto-renews for $5 a month after one year.

Aside from the obviously colorful visual design that sets your kid’s Echo Show apart from the plain ones, children can ask Alexa to read them a bedtime story, help with homework, or just play some music devoid of explicit lyrics. Amazon also collaborated with Disney to offer unique Alexa voices, like Mickey, Dory, and Olaf, and their stories. The Echo Show 5 also allows children to set their own alarms and control compatible smart lights.

However, this doesn’t mean the smart display loses out on features. As a guardian, you get to set daily time limits on the smart speaker’s usage and review said usage. The speaker offers all the parental controls in the Amazon parent Dashboard, so you can even restrict the people your child can call using the Echo Show. The display has a 2MP camera for video calls as well, protected by a privacy shutter and a dedicated button to turn off the mics.

This smart display is the newest model in the Echo Show 5 lineup, so you’ll be future-proofed for a few years if you get it at the $100 list price. Applying the BOGO coupon code SHOW5KIDS at checkout effectively halves the per-product price if you buy two. Even without the BOGO deal, the Echo Show 5 Kids version is an easy-to-use smart display that’s worth a look.

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