Can you use Google Fit on the Pixel Watch?

Quick Answer: Yes, you can use Google Fit on the Pixel Watch. By updating the WearOS app on your Pixel Watch, you can install Google Fit and access all its features except background heart rate monitoring which is exclusive to the Fitbit app.

Back in 2014, Google announced the Android Wear platform, and the world went abuzz with excitement about the potential of smartwatches. Who wouldn’t want an extra screen on their wrist, seamlessly connected to their phone and other devices? Android users eagerly anticipated the release of Google’s own smartwatch, dreaming of a device that would effortlessly integrate with their existing tech ecosystem. And after many years of waiting, Google finally delivered the long-awaited Pixel Watch on October 6th, 2022.


This sleek and stylish wrist piece quickly became one of the best Android smartwatches on the market, thanks to its impressive health/fitness features and eye-catching design. But, like any other first-generation tech, it has flaws. One major issue is the inability to get Google Fit, a popular health and fitness app, to work on the watch. And for fitness enthusiasts accustomed to tracking their progress with Google Fit, this could be a potential dealbreaker. But is this really the case? Read on!

Can you use Google Fit on the Pixel Watch?

The Pixel Watch does not come with Google Fit pre-installed, but don’t worry — you can still use the fitness app. Simply update your WearOS app, download Google Fit from the Play Store, and you’re good to go. You can even use Google Fit and the pre-installed Fitbit app side by side, or deactivate Fitbit entirely if you prefer.

Although you can access most Google Fit features on your Pixel Watch, it’s worth noting that background heart rate monitoring is exclusive to the Fitbit app as a result of Google’s terms when acquiring Fitbit. While this may entice some users to try out Fitbit’s Premium subscription, it also means that the Google Fit app won’t be able to track your heart rate throughout the day. However, you can take manual heart rate readings or receive heart rate data during a workout to track your effort. Keep this in mind as you decide which fitness app to use on your Pixel Watch.

Which is better, Google Fit or Fitbit?


Google Fit is Google’s counterpart to Samsung Health or Apple Health, allowing users to track steps, exercises, and other basic health data. Though unlike Samsung and Apple, Google Fit does not offer the same level of support for wearables. Instead, it connects to third-party apps such as Strava, Oura Ring, and Fossil to collect data, making it more of a health data collection hub.

In contrast, Fitbit is a complete fitness tracking app similar to Samsung Health and Apple Health, supporting wearables along with manual data such as weight and water intake. It also offers features that Google Fit lacks, such as music playback, personalization options, auto pause, elevation tracking, calorie intake tracking using a barcode scanner on the app, a passcode, and features like ovulation tracking.

Nonetheless, Google Fit also has its own exclusive features, such as routes support, widget support, smart coaching, pace measuring, voice feedback, a food diary with a point-based system, live tracking/sharing, and a stopwatch. So ultimately, both apps have unique features that stand out. But when it comes to the Pixel Watch, Fitbit has a bit of the upper hand due to the inability of Google fit to perform background HRM.

Can you sync your Fitbit data to Google Fit?

A woman changing the watch face on a smartwatch.

There are two ways to synchronize your Fitbit and Google Fit data. The first method is to transfer all your data from Google Fit to Fitbit. By doing this, you can have all your workout data in one place and access all the health-tracking features of your Pixel Watch. To transfer your Fit data to Fitbit, you’ll need to export it via Google Takeout and then import it into Fitbit. Although this method is straightforward, there is another way to go about it.

The second way to synchronize your fitness data between Fit and Fitbit is through the Health Connect app. This app lets you sync several fitness apps together, and it’s potentially how Google intends to connect Fitbit and Google Fit. This method is superior to the first because it allows you to monitor and store all your data from various fitness platforms in one place (Google Fit).

Although these are effective ways to use Fitbit and Google Fit together, they seem to be only temporary solutions. Google has a history of shutting down duplicate services, such as Google Play Music and YouTube Music, in a combative manner. Therefore, it is possible that one of these apps won’t be around in the future. But for now, both apps co-exist.

Getting fit with the Pixel Watch around your wrist

Google Pixel Watch_Google Maps

The Google Pixel Watch is a sleek first-gen smartwatch that holds its own against the latest fourth and fifth-gen competitors. Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Google devices, it is the ultimate partner for your Pixel phone, Google security camera, and smart TV. And the Pixel 7 doesn’t fall behind regarding health and fitness, either. It packs all the detailed and precise health tracking that Fitbit is known for. A notable example is the background HRM and the soon-to-come blood-oxygen meter. And with the ability to track a vast range of activities, including climbing, swimming, and sleep patterns, it’ll give you all the information you need to hit your fitness goals.

But what about durability? Well, fear not. The Pixel Watch is built to last. Built with Corning Gorilla Glass, this watch is designed to withstand the bump and scrapes of daily use. With water resistance up to 5 ATM, it can even accompany you for a swim without any hesitation. But the Pixel Watch isn’t just durable. It’s also equipped with a fall detection feature that adds an extra layer of safety during your workouts. So go ahead and push yourself to the limit, knowing that if something goes wrong, help is less than a wrist tap away. The Pixel Watch may not be the ‘Apple Watch of the Android world’ just yet, but it’s certainly one heck of a first-gen tech.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

After years of anticipation, the Pixel Watch has finally arrived. And it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. As the first Android smartwatch to integrate Fitbit — coupled with WearOS 3.5 — this watch is designed to help you stay on top of your health and connected to your world. And with its sleek and sturdy exterior, you can be sure that the Pixel Watch will be your trusty companion for years to come.

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