WhatsApp could steal this handy Telegram feature


A feature that Telegram has had for a few years now Despite its popularity and massive user base, WhatsApp is not as feature-packed as its competition. However, Meta has changed this to a certain extent, with the messaging service gaining several enhancements over the last year. Plus, WhatsApp nailed the basics of communication early on, …

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This is how Android 13’s custom lock screen shortcuts will work


Press and hold a shortcut to trigger it You can customize and tweak almost every aspect of Android to your liking. It is only the lock screen where the OS falls short, with even iPhones providing more customization options with widgets and custom clock sizes. Google has been working on addressing this shortcoming, though. Android …

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The Nothing Ear 2 look very familiar in first leak


Nothing’s first product was the Ear 1, a pair of wireless earbuds with a transparent design. This helped them stand out from our favorite wireless earphones, as their transparent design gave a glimpse of their inner workings. The company’s execution was also impressive, with no visible glue to ruin the carefully constructed aesthetic. Following the …

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What is is and how to use it

What is is and how to use it

Google Lens is available on all the best Android phones and is one of the most powerful tools you’ll use in your everyday life. From identifying flowers to translating screenshots, Google Lens is packed with features that help you make sense of the world. While you don’t need Google Photos to use Google Lens, Photos …

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ChromeOS and Microsoft 365 will finally work better together


Google will help you set up your Microsoft Office apps and integrate OneDrive with the Files app As great as all of our favorite Chromebooks are, the reality is that many of us rely on Microsoft Office (or Microsoft 365, as it’s now called) for our word processing and spreadsheeting needs. Google Workspace may be …

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Best Samsung phones in 2023


Samsung has become a dominant player in the smartphone arena, with top-of-the-line smartphones across various pricing tiers. Whether you are on a $200 budget or looking to make a $1,800 splash for the latest and greatest foldable, Samsung has you covered. Samsung has lofty expectations of itself and, luckily for Android fans, usually paves the …

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12 best Android games that support high framerates in 2023


In the past, pushing the limits of a game’s framerate was done by desktop computers. But now, advancements in hardware and an ever-expanding roster of graphically intensive games have allowed Android phones to reach high framerates for games with demanding graphics. However, your phone needs to support high refresh rates to take advantage of higher …

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Everything you need to know about Google’s budget MVNO


Having reliable cellular service is practically as important as having electricity and heat in your home. Many people use one of the big three carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), as they offer solid coverage and network priority, but that coverage often comes with a high price tag. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVOs) are an alternative …

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How to clear your Google Maps history


When it comes to directions and navigation, Google Maps is one of the most popular apps globally. It makes it easy to discover new places, and it’s preinstalled on most Android phones. The app is designed to provide relevant recommendations and suggest new places to try out. To facilitate the process, it remembers the places …

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6 things we love and 4 things we hate

A phone with an illuminated display sits atop a woodgrain table.

We can easily list a ton of reasons why the Google Pixel 6a won AP’s best budget phone award for 2022. There are so many of them! While its price is one important factor, what helps it stand out among the best budget Android phones is its superb software and camera experience. There is simply …

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