No one’s playing Netflix games


You’re paying for access to these games through your Netflix subscription, so you might as well check a few out Source: Netflix How many times have you gone on Netflix looking for one thing — or just didn’t have any idea what you wanted to watch — only for its algorithms to expertly steer you …

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The Google Meet name is landing on the app formerly known as Google Duo


Google Meet (original), meet Google Meet (formerly Google Duo) Source: Google How many messaging apps does Google want out there this hour? Guess we can’t be ashamed of all the trite jokes we nerds have made when the company seems to think putting its customers through the semi-permanent ordeal of transitioning between chat apps is …

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The Fitbit Sense 2 could fix one of the first gen’s worst features

The Fitbit Sense 2 could fix one of the first gen's worst features

Despite the fact that Google is nearly set to release its first smartwatch, Google-owned Fitbit is continuing to release hardware under its own brand name. It seems like the company is on the verge of releasing updates to not only the Inspire line of fitness trackers, but also its Sense and Versa fitness smartwatches — …

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Google Pixel 6a picks up its first Android 13 beta

Pixel 6a Review (6)

Though you won’t have long to wait for the full version Pixel 6a early adopters will be excited to hear they can double down on their bleeding-edge fun. Google has just added the Pixel 6a to the list of phones you can register in the Android Beta Program, and both OTA and factory images for …

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Time’s up for Google Search’s built-in timer


All the way back in 2013, Google introduced a nifty little feature in its search engine tool that had nothing to do with search at all: a timer. All users had to do was search for anything like “14 minute timer” or “timer until 2pm” and Google would generate a widget and begin the countdown …

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